What a pleasure it was to hear Rene Taylor perform at the “Music in the Mountains“ concert series at Catalina State Park last weekend.  Her vocals are sultry. Her phrasing is exquisite. She has complete mastery of the Great American Songbook. I look forward to hearing her perform again and again.

- Lynn Rutman

Magic filled the air as Rene started singing her set of soft jazz. Her renditions of old favorites capped a perfect evening. Her voice has a wonderful quality that envelops the audience. Her versions while true to the originals, contain her own personality, her particular interpretation. The result - an awesome sound. It is truly a gift to have a talent like Rene here in our community. We intend to see her as often as we can. 
 - Paul Weeks


Rene Taylor is a true gift! Her soulful and rich voice resonates with heart and emotion. She takes you back in time and fills the air with soothing tones. Her warm and authentic personality reaches out and welcomes everyone who is lucky enough to be there listening to her sing.  I feel blessed by each opportunity to be in her presence. 

- Jeannie Tucker


Rene is an artist and storyteller. Her rich, smoky voice fills the soul and takes you on a timeless journey down memory lane. 

- M. Michas

Total perfection....could not ask for better. Brought elegance and sophistication to our event. Loved her and cannot wait to book her again!!!!
 - Ethan Pruett


Hearing Rene sing at my son's wedding was a beautiful, heart-warming, emotional experience. She is a true artist... from her style and appearance to her sultry and heart tugging voice.  To complete this fabulous singer's package is her lovely demeanor that immediately assures you that everyone is going to have an amazing, memorable experience. Whether a wedding, concert venue, or  just some home entertainment, Rene Taylor will be the perfect voice for your needs!  My husband and I can not wait to hear her sing again!
- Raelene Guzzardo

As a business owner I have had the opportunity to employ many talented singers at my restaurant with much success. However, after hearing Rene Taylor, none are as  comparable in talent, poise, voice, or style.  We look forward to having her sing in our venue this summer as our patrons are in for a very special treat.  Rene's voice and wide range of song selections will leave you wanting more.
 - Melissa Ikera


We had the privilege to hear Rene sing previously so we didn’t have to search at all when it came time to choose who we wanted to sing at our wedding.  Rene’s performance was absolutely spectacular!  We had so many compliments from our guests about her beautiful voice.  Thank you Rene for making our special day so memorable with your beautiful voice.

 - Russ Pippin & James Fisher

Vocalist René Taylor has assembled a collection of songs here that deftly demonstrate her uncanny ability to span multiple genres of American Popular Song. From the classics of Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, and Karl Suessdorf, to the Broadway works of both Burton Lane and Meredith Willson. Add to that, film standards by Harold Arlen and Les Brown. And the wonder of Stevie Wonder… “Beautifully, yet sparingly set, the[se} arrangements allow Ms. Taylor’s voice to truly shine.”

- Peter W. Athens

Rene Taylor is an accomplished cabaret singer with a repertoire of jazz and blues songs from the 30's-50's.  Her soft, but strong voice, pulls you into the songs along with the back stories she provides. Catch one of her shows for an enjoyable, nostalgic evening.
- Irene Read


When I heard René Taylor perform at Pastiche, a Tucson eatery, it was a most pleasant experience. Her music selection of well researched Jazz Standards gave me a perspective of music I have heard but knew little about historically. I appreciate her unique voice and singing style. I look forward to hearing her again.
- Jill Maratea